How to Make Money Online With a Small Business – Could Someone Like You Pull It Off?

“How to make money online?” I am asked this question often.

First, what is meant by an online small business? Do you consider Ford Motor Company or Microsoft online companies? They both have huge web sites.

What is usually meant by an online business is a small business that is run from the kitchen table or from a laptop in your car. There is no “bricks and mortar” building that you can call your place of business. You’ve taken every course right from 101 Small Business Opportunity to massive college courses yet you are scared to death and unsure of what even to do.

There are many small business ideas: Here are a few unusual examples and the concerns people have about them:

  • Someone who loves antique children’s toys like dolls and old trucks. Who has the kind of money to set up a storefront operation?
  • A person or couple who would love to travel the world, but can’t afford a bus ticket to the next city. Who would run their business while they were gone if they somehow got one going?
  • A person who has found a remote area she loves, but there is just no way to set up any kind of store. Nobody goes there.
  • A retired person who loves ham radio, but lacks the money to set up a store and has no desire to be saddled with debt if he falls sick.
  • A plumber who has had it with the commute, knees that are constantly in pain from kneeling on cold and wet cement floors, crabby bosses, and arguments on payday about the hours he was paid for. How could he go on his own when all around him people are losing their jobs?

The list could be a lot longer, but you get the idea. There is no shortage of small business ideas. The question is, what can you do with them?

Frankly, I have no idea. They all involve risk, and most require you to borrow heavily if you can manage a loan and for you to quit your job so you can plunge head-on into your enterprise. None of these are a good idea.

So, what’s the solution? You can make money online with a small business. Many others have and more are doing it every day.

What you will need are:

  • Patience.
  • Education in how business online is done.
  • Learn how you can get tons of free traffic with the search engines using a small web site of your own and learning the simple rules of organic SEO.
  • See how easily a business can be built as long as you know what you are doing.
  • Decide on what you love to do and build the core of your small business around that.

One more thing will be needed. Time. They take time, but you can start part time, never quit your job until it is getting in the way of your online business and keep an open mind. So many of us cut ourselves down. We are not trained or encouraged to try something new.

Online business is new. It works and is here to stay. The World Wide Web is the river of gold. Harness it and make it work for you.

You can do all of this from your kitchen table with no risk and virtually no money spent.

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