Mobile Phones as the New-age Multimedia Computers

With the growth of communication technology, mobile phones have come a long way catering to all our needs. The new mobile gadgets offer you a wide range of cutting-edge features, latest applications and innovative design. In addition to communication, you can avail entertainment, business applications and connectivity – all in one single device. The Gen-Next mobile phones provide you with an extraordinarily outstanding mobile multimedia experience. Get ready for a whole new multimedia fĂȘte, Nokia unleashes its collection of multi-functional mobile gizmos.

Nokia N95, the latest in Nokia’s N-series range is here to impress you with its technology innovation and sophisticated touch of eye-catching design. Its high-end features assure you of an unparalleled multimedia experience while the innovative dual slide concept gives you an easy-to-use interface. This multimedia device integrates a 5 mega pixel camera, GPS functionality, digital music player with incredible stereo sound technology, support for high-speed wireless connectivity and a high resolution 16 million colour display. Take your pictures, share your videos, tune in to your favourite music, surf the net, or download latest games – Nokia gives you the freedom to explore the horizon and go beyond.

The latest N-series phones have brought multimedia revolution with the multi-functional mobile gadgets amalgamating music, sports, photography, Internet, wireless technology, gaming and business. Now you can communicate and listen to your music at the same time. No matter wherever you are, Nokia gets you in touch with the world in an instant. The expandable memory card slots integrated with the latest handsets make them easy-to-carry storage devices. So you can take your music along wherever you go. With the advanced camera phones queuing in the line, mobile photography has never been so interesting. Capture your special moments and store them in your mobile photo album. Organise your business presentations by sitting comfortably at your home, or from anywhere in the world. The high-speed wireless connectivity enables you to download everything you want.